About Us

Chenoweth Bulldogs (located in middle Tennessee) got its start in 1991 when we received our first Bulldog, Rose.  We acquired Rose from a veterinarian in trade for showing her male.  We knew nothing about showing dogs but soon fell in love with the show circuit and the breed.  Early on in our show career we were mentored by Sandy Ridge Kennels from which our first show dog, Storm, was out of.  And so as we grew, we decided to branch out and formed Chenoweth Bulldogs.  To date we have championed over 30 Bulldogs with 19 being championed in the Bred-by ring.  We were inducted into the BCA Breeders Hall of Fame in 2006.  We have had three ranked Champions.  Aussie was ranked number 9, Sturgis was ranked number 10, and Joey was ranked numbered 12.  Chenoweth Bulldogs looks forward to many more years in the breed we love so dearly.


Jan and Greg Lewis